Saturday, August 8, 2015

ACK Guides for Indian Epics (MLLL-4993)

Welcome to the Amar Chitra Katha blog for my Indian Epics course at the University of Oklahoma (MLLL-4993-995); all the comic books are at the Reserve Desk in Bizzell Library. I hope you will enjoy them! Use the tabs across the top to see the titles: Ramayana - Mahabharata - Krishna - Deva/Devi (Gods and Goddesses) - Heroes and Heroines - Tales.

Some comic books have detailed reading guides, some have a brief summary, and each comic book has a blog post of its own. If you let me know which comic books most interest you by leaving a comment on that post, it will help me know which ones to focus on as I add more summaries and reading guides this semester.

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Click refresh page for a random comic book, and click on the title to see the blog post for the comic book that grabs your attention.

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